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we will work for your green products success -guaranteed!..


...Keeps Your Product Alive!

Promote your Organic/Sustainable product with the world's largest online sustainability network in 3 easy clicks and join



 ...simply choose a package and post to your favourite social, We do the rest...

MARKETING In 3 easy clicks...


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choose 1 social platform to send an image and brief text and a call to action (your link)



SWD Marketing Network BRONZE Package

'Your post will resemble SAMPLE remember the 3# tags a quality image and your call to action ...(phone number, site link, e-commerce link) or where you wish to direct traffic?...

#hastags add context to your campaign and combine the strategy of your promotion

SWD Marketing in action on 7 platforms,

consistency and patience  are a key factor in SEO optimisation SEE BELOW...

Tiger Roar - The Tiger
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SWD Marketing Network

A co-ordinated  multi social media platform strategy,operating for over 5 years now.We gauged  our partners and vendors marketing strategy grow from strength to strength.And over the course of the evolution of social programs.And it has given us great joy to see the progress of their content go from just simple images and content to delivery of a sustained 'Eco'  services commitment policy for their customers,Throughout the whole course we have been their with them making sure their business gets the attention it from the mass core of 'green' lovers they deserve.

Imagine the potential to reaching...

over 50 social media links...

straight back to your desired brand,product and service site destination?...


Green2Stay Eco SWD Marketing Network.

Operating since 2010,we have grown our network from 1 website Green2Stay Eco to 14 total websites plus communities and social,


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See an example of SWD Marketing Network on Google+ pleaseclick the images below...

SWD Marketing Network Performing On 7 Social Platforms

Click 2

Choose a strategy package that suits your needs?... for more details on package details click on the 3 buttons above  Bronze ,Silver or Gold,see below for Campaign details?...

Bronze Service Campaign $75 per month.

Bronze package comprises of 30 fresh content posts per month across 5 social platforms for a cost of $75 (Aus)these post will be customised to the most appropriate performing platform depending on the content subject?.

This basic package still ensures your post will be directed at it’s most optimum performance audience, this may vary due to subject and location, we treat our audience as our customers paying us with their valuable time, this ensures everyone is treated to the premium social media experience they deserve.We gauge the performance of each post so we can seize upon the positive audience engagement.The 1-month service is great for the newcomer to social marketing, works well as an “Intro’ to your product, brand or service.You may wish to opt for this basic 1 step to examine the visual harmony among the differing platforms.For 75$ it’s an excellent post tester.We recommend a minimum 3-month use of this basic package for the minimal cost and maximum potential.

'If yourproduct is on our network?.It gets worked,IT'S ALIVE!'

Click 3

Choose a payment method?...

Silver Service Campaign $100 per month

Silver package comprises of 30 fresh content posts plus a 10 content post to the best-optimised location site +community posting and audience reaction manoeuvrability

The silver package comes with the same feature of the bronze package which includes an analytics report at the end of the month, but also an additional 10 post blogs.Which will be analysed during the campaign to test best optimized potential of your post and maneuvered to the best site location site optimisation,(eg German Eco.Com) this gives your business to strike a target location in a different geographical region,this means your product,brand or service will be analysed during the campaign to ensure the maximum audience interaction,This information is analysed also via 2 methods of analytics...

1/Clicks via your link destination either on our site via our site analytics or through your site analytics.

2/On the social platforms view and engagement record during the campaign and

3/A report from the social platforms monthly analytics breakdown.which we analyse from our report after the campaign finalisation.’SWD high 5’ alive ensure your post is monitored and handed to the highest demographic location potential ‘your product is moving its ‘ALIVE!...

Gold Service Campaign $150 per month

Our premium package the Gold Service Campaign comes with all the feature of the Bronze and Silver promotions Plus an additional 20 Site adds on our Network free standing and spread out for maximum optimisation potential, also at the end of the month a sit down a product,brand and service conference on how and why your marketing performed during the campaign.This ensures that any future marketing will be placed and directed at the highest performing audience interaction.Your business can only grow more with this kind of knowledge...

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