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The silver package comes with same feature of the bronze package (CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)  which includes an analytics report at the end of month, but also an additional 10 post blogs. Which will be analysed during the campaign to test best optimized potential of your post and maneuvere to the best site location site optimisation, (e.g. German Eco.Com) this gives your business to strike a target location in a different geographical region, this means your product, brand or service will be analysed during the campaign to ensure the maximum audience interaction, This information is analysed also via 3 methods of analytics...

Silver Package Marketing Service Campaign

SKU: 364215375135191
  • 1/Clicks via your link destination either on our site via our site analytics or through your site analytics.

    2/On the social platforms view and engagement record during the campaign and

    3/ A report from the social platforms monthly analytics breakdown. which we analyse from our own report after the campaign finalisation.’SWD high 5’ alive ensure your post is monitored and handed to the highest demographic location potential ‘your product is moving its ‘ALIVE!... (CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS)

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