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Bronze Service Campaign $75 per month

Bronze package comprises of 30 fresh content posts per month across 5 social platforms for a cost of $75 (Aus) these posts will be customised to the most appropriate performing platform depending on the content subject?.

Bronze Package Marketing Service Campaign

SKU: 364215376135191
  • This basic package still ensures your post will be directed at it’s most optimum performance audience,this may vary due to subject and location,we treat our audience as our customers paying us with their valuable time,this ensure everyone is treated to the premium social media experience they deserve.We gauge the performance of each post so we can seize upon the positive audience engagement.The 1 month service is great for the newcomer to social marketing,works well as a “Intro’ to your product,brand or service.You may wish to opt for this basic 1 step to examine the visual harmony among the differing platforms.For 30$ it’s an excellent post tester.We recommend a minimum 3 month use of this basic package for the minimal cost and maximum potential.

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