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#Eco Rating Sydney Hotels

Eco Rating Sydney Hotels for September 2015


Immediately upon looking at homepage of my former affiliated hotel I got to admit, I felt depressed

since 2011 to present despite the topic of climate being one of the most current issues in world media there was not even an iota of mention in fact the website nearly looked identical, just better quality HD images,

the social media too was disappointing in 3 months the most 'Eco' post was a photo of a fresh fruit platter and a add for the spa, it’s not right that hotels like this get to portray themselves as a servant of the public when they have so little consideration for the environmental beauty that surrounds them. and accounts why when hotels who do want to encourage sustainability can't get a mention, as far as environmental programs rate again not even a mention of sustainability in 4 yrs. of Tourism promotion I am absolutely astounded?.


Well again the Hilton scores a '0' for homepage mentions of environment responsibility and sustainability programs,

The social was also void of mention of sustainability despite having plenty of opportunities for at least some organic food with lots of restaurant promotions and a spring lamb special,

I am totally amazed the so many so called in vogue patrons would not be more selective and demanding in their choice of dining selection?

They did a $5 donation to farmers on a occasion so they score a 1,

Also there was no mention of sustainability or environmental programs!'


Homepage on the 4 seasons has no mention of sustainability or environmental programs, no mention of community,

The social page again absolutely full of 'self' promotion nothing social about that!, lots of food promotions but again no mention of organic fresh, grass fed meats or sustainable fish products, people in Sydney must have no idea these products should be standard in 5 star establishment!


By now you might discern from my tone I am quite annoyed

! Homepage on the Hyatt Park Sydney no mention of sustainability or community environment, ironically there is a corporate responsibility claimer but how that can be distinguished separately from environmental responsibilities I don't know?

Social media gets 1 point for the photo of the dog!


has a very extensive homepage they asked for feedback I did initially agree but then ran out of time and opted to volunteer this report at my socials disposal, they again did not mention sustainability or environment,

They did have 'link' however to responsibility programs and sponsor programs but we only qualify direct homepage promotion not links to other research!

The Social Post’s -NO mention on the food posts of organic or fair-trade again!

The photo of the cockatoo resting on the balcony will score 1 point!'



Westin no mention of sustainability or community on the homepage! The social post nearly identical to the competition hotel’s quite amusing really, I gave the Westin a heads up (quick message).In my former hotel employment days I stayed on the 20th floor of this hotel. And I resigned I visited the Hotel and discussed with a H.R member my disappoint that the Hotel had not adopted many sustainability imitative in their marketing program; I still recall her face like I was talking to her in a foreign language? That was nearly 8 yrs. ago. Sad to suffice not much has changed.




Remember the days when the big hotel in the city was the centre point for the latest social, political and fashion statement. The Big Event at the hotel was a talking point for some progressive change in our current understanding or awareness? I do. That is what encouraged me to want to be in the industry, always in the back of my mind however this niggling concern for the resources that were demanded sourced and sometimes wasted always made me long for a time when the Hotel Industry would make these important issues part of their marketing attraction.

In Part I can happily say that there are properties that reflect that concern that have made the environment an important part of their marketing and promotional strategy.

This is hugely important for 2 vital reasons, 1/What drives consumer choices today is awareness of a business goods raw materials which allows customers to make conscience decisions that shape markets.

2/the second reason it allows customers, communities, suppliers and authorities a gauge for understanding growth direction for these businesses and where improvements can be made.


This second is absolutely tantamount to addressing environmental concerns, because fundamentally how can we reward a business or hotel in this instance if we don’t understand the strategy or environmental policy it has adopted. Reward for good or positive business model adoption is crucial to the free market system.

But if we just forget all these business principles and just simply adopt a habit or rewarding inconsequential forces for commercial loyalty we really have become an enemy of the free market system and consequently will stifle our own innovative potential.


Now don’t get me wrong I am not suggesting that these establishment are not quality product’s in their own right, I am suggesting however that we don’t take such a crucial issue as we have today of environmental demands we are simply are becoming clanging instrument with no distinct note in a an orchestra or rewarding a musician who simply can’t play or is willing to master his instrument!.

Feel free to impart your view also thanks for your support and remember as always ‘make eco fun’.



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