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#Can I Adjust My Social Media To Adopt A Small Business Strategy?'


 'So you have a thousand face book friends, but now you want to develop a media strategy to your small business plan?

Great Idea, Don't feel overwhelmed the social media platform was created with the business model in mind,

The knack is knowing which type of platform to use and when?

Granted that now the social media sites are now targeting the small business audience should encourage you to investigate further.

Many platforms including facebook, twitter and google+ now specifically have modes of development and strategies to capture small business operators to encompass their suggestions in their sales and marketing programs tells you they to are chasing your business,

 We won't delve to much into that today as they are best ones to investigate their pay for promotion


 What we will do is just briefly discuss some of the free methods some of platforms offer by way of promoting and adopting a strategy to your business model.

 1/ Facebook

Facebook is probably the most widely known social media platform. You probably have liked a facebook business page yourself?


Very widely known and popular medium. Offers text, image and video options. Easy to set up and use

encompasses a casual user friendly atmosphere and offers a sms text link and message alert system.

Allows notifications and feed alerts from other sites such as pinterest and tumblr which is great for combining a strategy. A great option for video allows the movie to play when it reaches view which removes the need to press the play button, great for video impact.


As a social platform it has performed well but may not present as well an image when considered from a business perspective. Some of the newer social site's have learnt from some of evolution of facebook and have endeavoured to present a more formal or business like persona.

Also recent adjustments to facebooks pay to promote use have greatly restricted it's organic reach or audience reach. Overall though this has not deterred user's as they offer a low cost programs and have now included an analytics or audience report which allows you to investigate your viewers preferences in more detail. The video download however is quite slow and not as share friendly as other video or social share sites. Unrelated advertising appears on your screen feeds.


Google plus is the google version of facebook. Because google are a search engine themselves and have been developing their involvement in the area of social media. They have been able to include their extensive knowledge of internet use in their product, this pretty much is where they are hard to compete against. But one thing seems to be prevalent in Australia nearly every one I have enquired over the last at least 3 yr s is they have never heard of it or seem to not be as excited over. This may come down to awareness although I seem to sense a bit of the 'big corporation syndrome' as well. If you can't get past that google+ is great for reaching an International Audience and offer an extensive associated product range that can be adopted for use with your business model.


Great for connecting to an International audience many developing economies are adopting google+ plus enthusiastically. Google plus offer add free pages but allow you to promote your own promotion via your postings. People seem to enjoy the comment process like facebook and also have like button or a plus+ one option. Because google own youtube they offer easy linkage to video use and promotion. The method of posting is user friendly and the content displayed is either yours or your contacts only no intrusive unrelated advertising. Google offer community options and also have a video conference option they call hangouts.


As pointed out google+ is not as widely known as facebook in Australia any way so if may harder to reach a more local market. Google’s product’s may be not as easy to understand as some other sites for example I have seen people comment on the confusion on how to use them and the analytics report can be a bit overwhelming for the passive user.


Launched in 2010 pinterest is a photo or image platform. And have immersed themselves successfully into the social media product range. If your audience is in the established markets pinterest is great for photos that someone who appreciates better quality imaging. Pinterest has the ability to display all your recent postings on one page without the need to scroll. This is great for looking back at context of your campaign or product revision.


Very easy to use and post, women seem to love pinterest, if you enjoy viewing recipes, food or wildlife pinterest is your mode. Pinterest have by far the best analytics or audience report I have seen. It is very easy to understand and adopt into your understanding of audience target strategy.


Pinterest is not as popular as some other methods and allow only 500 characters of text on the posting. Videos links are displayed as still photos and the response time of postings does not seem to be as spontaneous other platforms in the reaction or feedback as your post?.


Twitter is the spontaneous incident social site, if you like having an entourage to follow your every thought and action this is the platform for you.


Instant spontaneous situation messaging, followers can catch your mood or opinion on the principle of the moment, so there is a sense of being in touch with each other on a more personal platform.


Only allows minimum text or short messaging, generally not the platform for imaging or quality photography. Twitter has claimed many a 'foot in mouth' syndrome victim because of the spontaneity of the social culture. Ask many a politician or celebrity for examples.


Youtube is the popular video sharing platform and is great for getting a film or documentary of your services to a vary large audience. Musicians especially have seized this platform to demo or share their content.


Good search results on search engines ensure your product is easy to find. Not many people have not used Youtube so it is an easy way to post, watch and share your content as tested, proven and established. Extensive sharing options.


Depending on your time of viewing you tube can contain unrelated advertising which interrupts your own video screening. Download times time on videos can take some time and the quality of the video is not always up to scratch.


Linkedin is a platform that it used to share Business portfolios and working resume profiles. It has more a professional sense about it's place in the mix. It also is a great place to find business associates details as I recently discovered. Many professionals love displaying there achievements on Linkedin sort of an online resume if you wish.


Corporations and professionals enjoy this more formal platform sense of sharing so it gives it a more serious tone to it's use. Great way to form-networks and business associations.


If people contact you on Linkedin generally it is about work or business, this pressure to appear more formal may not attract the same free flow or casual spontaneity as the other social sites. So you may not attain the same large scale audience.


Vimeo is another video or movie sharing platform. Vimeo feels very hip and youthful in it's feel of use and allows the reproduction of high quality video downloading. Many an art house

or film festival producer like to use Vimeo to share their content.


Great high definition video reproduction site. Attracts newer or artistic content or original projects.


The Vimeo free download service only allows minimum downloads of content per month.

Video download can take some time possibly 30 minutes. Does not have as extensive an audience or content as Youtube.

 This is just an informal guide to social site sharing and the experience may vary from user to user depending on your method of use and your target audience. Hopefully this will assist the unfamiliar with some options on their use of social media when adopting it as a channel for promoting a marketing strategy.

What ever channel you decide to use they all can be researched by way of their own advice on

getting recommendation's on the best style of use.

So what's stopping you happy posting and blogging with your new social media business strategy.

 *Source content impart #SWD Marketing Network.


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